Chor Levantate Ulm e.V.

(registered non-profit association)

Sibylle Herbst
Tel. +49 (0)7304 41811

Manfred Miller
Tel. +49 (0) 731 723731

Bärbel Gekeler

The association comprises 68 members (as of 01/2018).

How to become a member

The membership fee amounts to € 140.- per year.  Please ask us for more information about reduction possibilities such as familiy membership or sustaining membership (for those who would like to support us but would not sing). The membership form and the statute can be found here (German):
Mitgliedsantrag mit Detailinformation zur Vereinssatzung (PDF-Download).

The choir is officially recognized as non-profit association by the tax office.
We write a donation receipt for donations.